FRIDAY 2 /2 

Club Hedonism presents....


M.I.L.F. = Mother or Married Woman I'Like to F..K

We’re going to give each guy in the house a wad of funny money
and YOU ladies are going to use your sweet-n-sexy feminine charm
to collect as much dough as you can!!
The MILF with the most MILF money by midnight is gonna win 
1 FREE CLUB PASS plus many other verrrry cool prizes!!


Couples: Sign up on SDC.COM or on SLS.COM by 8pm 2/2,
arrive by 10pm and pay only $40*

-Single Gentlemen: Sign up on 
SDC.COM or on 
SLS.COM, by 8pm 2/2,
arrive by 10pm and pay only $50*

-Single Ladies: Pay only $10*

*Club Membership required
Friday are open to couples, single gentlemen, & single ladies.
(GBF participation is optional & for consenting individuals only)